Monday, March 12, 2012

March 11 fishing trip

I got to go do some fishing with a friend on his boat today. The temps were a little chilly in the morning but it warmed up in the afternoon. The skies were bright blue and it turned out to be an awesome day on the water.

We decided to try the Susquehanna river and also spent some time on the Juniata river. The Susquehanna was flowing a little high and was a touch cloudy. It wasn't awful even with all the rain that came through up north a couple days before. There were a ton of boats where the Juniata empties into the Susquehanna.

We spent considerable amount of time on the Susquehanna at some really decent spots but to no avail. So we decided to run up the Juniata and see what might happen up there. The water was crystal clear. At five or six feet deep you could still see the bottom.

We fished most of the afternoon and evening on this water. There were less boats which was nice. We had more of the water all to ourselves. Well, except for A few guests.

This first visitor we had, thought he was hidden or was going to be totally territorial if we got too close to his grass patch that he was enjoying. This muskrat was enjoying the sun as he nibbled the small green patch that he found. We found it quite comical the way he kept about his business as we floated over to check him out.

The other visitors we had were a little more annoying but it was fun to watch them flying around. The only problem with them was they ended up flying all over us at times. So we had them on our hats, clothing and on our hands. Here was some of the little black stoneflies that stopped by for a visit.

Unfortunately as fishing can go sometimes we had an awful day. We didn't bring one fish to hand and we didn't even long line release any. I don't know if it was the high pressure, the recent full moon, or what other excuses I could come up with but we just didn't have any luck. I was able to fish some of my new designs and with the clarity of the water was able to see how the swam in the water. I came away thinking that they are going to be worth another try. I was happy how they looked before I fished them and after. I just didn't get any fish approval. Sometime soon I will have to post some pics of the new designs. And till then I can show some fish that liked them too.

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