Friday, September 26, 2014

Schuylkill River trip

This past weekend I spent some time on the water with some great guys!  I floated the Schuylkill River on Jake Villwock's drift boat with Eric Snyder. These two guys are awesome to hang with!  Jake has unending knowledge and has so much experience with this river system that made the trip so enjoyable!  

If you ever need a guide and want an outstanding experience, make sure you book a trip with him. You will have an awesome time for sure!

I can't say enough about Eric either. He is a highly talented fisherman and a blast to hang with too!  

These two have tremendous tying talent too!  I got to use (and lost several) flies from Jake's box. They are definitely appealing to the eye and did an awesome job of taking fish!  Unfortunately I wasn't able to put any monsters in the boat but I had a blast catching those that I did. I also got a box of flies from Eric that I was extremely impressed with. I cannot wait to get out and fish with them!  They are so well tied!  

Both of these guys list their flies on, so you should drop by and check out their designs!

Eric and Jake, I hope we get to "do, do, do, do" this again real soon!